Monthly recurring expiration emails

5 years 8 months ago #118222 by Stuckshutter
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HI Tuan,
We have a test autorenewing subscription working perfectly.
What is missing is the email notice that their payment is going to automatically renew on a date.
Ideally, a link to helpful account management actions like Microsoft has in the example above would be great. perhaps that can be done in the body of the email.... if only there were a "Autorenewing Subscription" email...

That or even a "Your subscription has been automatically renewed" email with the next renewal date would be great.

Hope you can add this in asap as it's one of the missing pieces that will inevitably result in us handling dozens of members saying "Why did you charge me, I want to cancel and get a refund."

Working great, now, it's time to really polish off a super solution for renewal subscriptions.


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5 years 8 months ago #118223 by channing meyer
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Thanks Stuckshutter. Very good ideas.

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5 years 8 months ago #118224 by Eileen
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Yes, that last little bit would give it a graceful perfection; customers would be pleased, informed, and so much less likely to contact support.

Hope we can see this soon!!!

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4 years 3 months ago #132268 by PhoenixUK
Replied by PhoenixUK on topic Monthly recurring expiration emails
Hi Tuan,

I sent you an update on a support ticket, but thought that I would add it back in this thread too.

Ticket Content as follows;

I need to add comment to this very old and long winded issue ticket, having noticed last night there I think are some new Global Email & Messages > Reminder Messages > Recurring Subscription End Email Subject field, but can you please clarify - as I'm wanting to see if they now fit my original issue in this ticket and old forum post;

1) So, if I leave the 1st and 2nd Reminder message blank, it won't send that.

2) Then if I fill in the 3rd Reminder message, with something like this: "ISKH Will Be Delivering Your Subscription for [PLAN_TITLE] Order in 3 Days Time." This should remove the previous issue, of these reminder messages coming across that they've signed up for a new subscription, when in fact they haven't as they pay monthly recurring on 12 month contracts but would keep getting sent reminders saying their subscription is coming to an end, when it doesn't for e.g. for another 11 months.

3) I think this is a fairly new one that i hadn't noticed 'Recurring Subscription End Email Subject', with two fairly new tags [NUMBER_DAYS], [EXPIRE_DATE], so with the above in mind I can use this email subject message, to trigger an email towards the end of their overall 12 months plan?

This has been a very long, 20 months to date issue, that has really stifled my business, I have not been able to launch it due to this, no joke. Please help me find a solution after all this time, as I know that it wasn't just myself who has struggled with this, judging by my forum post that has been running this long too.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course, and hopefully I finally have a workable solution.


If I can just remind you, that this overall issue has been rumbling on for 3 YEARS and TWO MONTHS, without any direct resolution to my knowledge.

Therefore, can we please double down on both a reply to the above but also finding a resolution to this now incredibly annoying oversight?!!

Thanks in advance.

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