JD Captcha - Joomla Captcha Plugin

JD Captcha is a captcha plugin developed by JoomDoantion team. Combining math/text image-based captcha technology with the proven effectiveness of honeypot techniques, this plugin offers a robust solution to prevent spam bots from infiltrating your Joomla site. 

With our captcha plugin, users are presented with math or text-based challenges, making it easy for humans to pass while effectively filtering out automated spam bots. Additionally, our implementation of honeypot techniques adds an extra layer of defense, make it even harder for bots to spam your site.

Version: Last Updated: Mar 06 2024 Compatible: Joomla 3.9.0+, Joomla 4, Joomla 5

Challenge bots by different types of captcha image

- Text: Bots need to enter an exact text/string displayed in captcha image

- Math: Bots need to provide a result of one of the random math generated by the system with +, -, x, : operator.

- Random : You can choose random captcha type to challenge bots by Text or Math captcha

Integrated Honeypot Technique

A hidden input fields are inserted automatically to the form. Many bots are dumb, they will fill-in every fields on form and in case the honeypot field is filled, the system will know that it's bot and block the request.

Integrated Time Checker

Usually, it will take less time for bots to fill-in the form fields than human. You can define a mimimum time in the plugin parameter (estimate the mimum time for human to complete the form), and if the form is submitted in lesser time, it's very likely that it's bots and will be blocked

Control Captcha Image Display

There are many parameters to allow you control how the captcha image will be displayed: Width, Height, Number Characters, Font, Background Image, Text Color, Background Color....

Configurable Image Effects

Many bots are smart, they can parse the captcha image and bypass the captcha. You can challenge these bots more by enabling supported effects for the captcha image: Distortion, Interpolation, add Front Lines, Behind Lines.

Go to System , then Install -> Extensions to install it like any other Joomla! extensions.

- After installing, go to System -> Managers -> Plugins, search for plugin Captcha - JoomDonation Captcha, click on it to edit, configured the necessary parametes, save it. Enable the plugin

- Go to System -> Global Configuration, set Default Captcha parameter to Captcha - JoomDonation Captcha to start using it. If you don't want it to be the default captcha, you can still choose to use it for the extension you want only (for example, Users , Contact...)