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4 months 1 day ago #136499 by Dave Johnson
Event Full Behaviour was created by Dave Johnson
I need customers to book a table (for example in a restaurant) and these can be booked for different times. For example:
Table1 - 11am - 1pm
Table1 - 1pm - 3pm
Table2 - 11am - 1pm
Table2 - 1pm - 3pm
and so on.

There are only 9 tables and 2 time slots for each.

I have set these up as 18 separate events, each event with a capacity of 1.

When a table is booked, I really need some indication that it is not available. The only difference is that the "REGISTRATION" button is missing if the table has already been booked. This confuses people, so I set the configuration to unpublish when full. This makes the event disappear when it is booked.

That method is fine for the customers, but I want staff to be able to see who has booked each table from the front end. The ideal way is the buttons that appear beside the event and are just visible for staff with the correct permissions, but of course the event is not visible if it is booked so they can't see this information from the front end.

I can't find any suitable way of:
a...making it clear to customers that a table is booked and so not available AND
b...making it easy for staff to log in to front end and see who has booked

Is there any way for a full event to remain published but either be greyed out or say EVENT FULL?
Is there a way for staff to see list of registrants for all event in a category from front end?

The "export registrants" or "list registrants" will do this but it shows all the registrants for all past events and it is not starightforward for staff to use drop down menu to find each event in turn to check who has booked. This would take too long.

Thank you

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3 months 4 weeks ago #136582 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Replied by Tuan Pham Ngoc on topic Event Full Behaviour
Hi Dave

Unless there is something wrong, when registration is not available, there should be a message tell users that the event is fully booked

For example, a message like this should be displayed: This even is full or we are no longer accept registration for the event (the message can be changed via Events Booking -> Translation function)

If there is no message displayed, please submit a support ticket sending us:

- Super admin account of the site
- Link to the page

We will check to see why the message is not being displayed and get it sorted


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