10th February 2023- New version 2.14.3

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1 year 4 months ago #156416 by Mr. Dam
The Edocman developer team announce the release of Edocman 1.24.3. This is a fourth release for the 1.24.x series of Edocman with new improvements and bugs fixed.

What's new in Edocman 1.24.3
1. Improve PDF Indexer plugin to 1add option to index content of pdf files without popen enable
In previous versions, if you want to index content of PDF files on Linux server, you need to have core PHP function: popen enabled and the PDFtoTEXT library (root -> plugins -> edocman -> indexer -> binaries -> linux -> pdftotext) must have permission: 777.
But from this version, you can index content of PDF files without having popen enabled. In plugin: PDF Indexer of Edocman, you have new parameter: Use Popen, if you select No, Edocman will use different function to index content of pdf files.
Remember to install plugin: PDF Indexer (plug_edocman_indexer.zip) included in Edocman package to get this update.

2. Improve CSV import to make it to work with PHP 8.x
The CSV library has been improved based on new modern code structure, therefore, it can be worked on PHP 8.x properly.

3. Improve MP3 player
In this Edocman version, we present a new mp3 player, lightweight and compatible with all web browers

4. Bug fixed
  • Login redirection
  • Minor issues from previous versions

Developer team
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