16th August 2022 - New version 2.19.0 - GCalendar 2 ways integration

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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #153247 by Mr. Dam
The OS Services Booking developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Services Booking 2.19.0. This is a first release for the 2.19.x series of OS Services Booking with a lot of great improvements and addresses issues introduced in previous versions.

What's new in OS Services Booking version 2.19.0

1. Add option to select Joomla User for order when make reservation with Administrator or Employee roles
From this version, if you add new reservation as Administrator or Employees roles, you will able to select different Joomla User (as customer) for your reservation. This can be considered as a reservation for others, or a reservation by phone.

2. Google Calendar integration 2 ways
As we know, in previous OS Services Booking versions, we just can integrate Google Calendar in one way, when the reservation is made, events on Google Calendar of employees will be created. But it can't block out the working time of employee when his Google Calendar has specific events. From this version, we provide a system plugin: OS Services Booking - Google Calendar sync, it allows you to sync "busy time" from employee's GCalendar into your Booking system.
This is a system plugin, and it will run every 10 hours, of course it only run when your site is accessed by someone.
The plugin will retrieve the events from employee's GCalendar, after checking, it will create the Busy time for the corresponding employees. Thus, at frontend, customers won't able to book on the those busy time periods of employees.
To use this feature, remember to publish the System plugin: OS Services Booking - Google Calendar sync
This is first version of plugin, and we will improve it in future.

3. Allow employee to cancel the reservations in their work list
Employee can cancel the reservations from their working list at frontend side. Of course, employee should have permission to manage orders at frontend before he(she) can cancel the reservation.

4. Add Repeat booking when adding reservation at Backend side
In previous versions, this feature only available at Frontend side, but from version 2.19.0, when you add reservation from Backend side, you can use Repeat booking feature normally.

5. Option to copy existing customer data when creating order from backend

6. Add Max - Min Check-in dates (override Venue feature)
In previous versions, when you want to disable booking from/after, you should use Venue feature. This is good solution but quite complicate to implement, especially for customers new to Joomla and OS Services Booking. Understanding that, in this version, we release 2 new configure options with similar functionality as Venue's. They are:
  • Min Check-in Date: The minimum number of days required to complete an appointment in advance. In example, by specifying 1 day, the first available date will be one day after the current one (tomorrow). Leave empty (or zero) to ignore this restriction
  • Max Check-in Date: The number of days from now on for which it will be possible to book an appointment. In example, by specifying 7 days, it will be possible to select a check-in date between today and the next 7 days. Leave empty (or zero) to ignore this restriction
As you can see, they are the same with Venue's features: Disable Booking Before and Disable Booking After, but in case you don't want to use Venue in your Booking feature, you can use above configure options to disable booking before/after by days.
Those configure options are in OS Services Booking Configuration -> Tab: Booking Configuration

7. Fix issue on email sending in order cancellation

8. Fix issue in module OSB Cart
Fix issue on removing order items in module OSB Cart.

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