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Please make this forum "HELPFUL" for others.

7 months 3 weeks ago #129901 by RR

first of all I want to say, that the templates and plugin is great, with many features etc. But.

Like any other apps it has some bugs they have to get fixed. Now the uqestion is, why the developers and forum admins by any issue posted here answer with: Open a ticket...

At the end of each thread/post I can see - Ticked submited or Ticket answered. For whom is such "SOLUTION" helpful??? Why you, people, don't open a ticket at the first instance but post your issues here?

Or another question - if you got helped and you know the solution, why don't you post it here? First it will help other users with the same problem and maybe they can fix it by themself, and second one, the support team should answer with a solution as well here, not in some private tickets.

With this, support team, you can save for you self many hours of answering still the same questions, doesn't?

At least, about what is this forum? It's anoying still to read - Submit a ticket, submit a ticket, submit a ticket...

I hope, this will change... Thanks

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