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12th June 2021 - New version 3.19.0

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2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #144657 by Mr. Dam
12th June 2021 - New version 3.19.0 was created by Mr. Dam
The Joomla ! OS Property developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Property 3.19.0. This is a first release for the 3.19.x series of OS Property with new improvements and addresses issues introduced in previous versions.

What new in OS Property 3.19.0
1. Compatible PHP 8

OS Property is now compatible with all PHP versions: 5,7 and 8

2. Add page navigation in Random Properties module
From OS Property 3.19.0, the module Random Properties supports Page Navigation in the module. It will allows you to show more properties in fixed space.To enable Page Navigation in Random Properties module, please turning on 2 configure options:
  • Enable Page Navigation
  • Number properties per page
3. Add min/max price parameters in layout: Property Listing Layout
Those parameters will allow you to show properties based on different price ranges, and you will have more choices in setup properties listing types.

4. Add multilingual with field: Region
From this version, beside address, state, city, country names, Region will be used as multilingual field too

5. Add Hour/min options in Opening Hour feature
In previous versions, you can only select Dates for field Opening time, but from this version, you will able to setup Opening Time with Hour/mins

6. Improve Properties management pages
  • Multilingual feature added into Properties management pages at frontend side
  • Various bugs fixed
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