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07th December 2020- New version 3.18.1

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2 years 9 months ago #139852 by Mr. Dam
The OS Property developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Property 3.18.1. This is a second release for the 3.18.x series of OS Property with new improvements and addresses issues introduced in previous versions.

What new in OS Property 3.18.1

1. Add City ID parameter into Property Listing layout
As you know, "Property Listing Layout" is important layout of OS Property extension, not just because it contains a lot of parameters that give you the option to display different properties list, another important point is that OS Property will build sef links to properties based on the aliases of menus to this layout. In previous versions, this layout just supports parameter: State ID which allows to show properties in specific State. From this version, we decide to add new parameter: City ID, and you know, it's not just show properties of specific City, you can build up the Sef links based on menus to specific cities. We believe that such activities will increase the practicality of your real estate website.

2. Add option to store Request More details
From this version, you can keep track of the properties request information. To enable this option, please go to OS Property Configuration -> Tab: Layout -> Property details setting and enable configure option: Log requests
After that, you can click on menu: Tools -> Request log to see all stored properties request information.

3. Support HTML code in Price text
From this version, you can enter HTML code in Price text field, but instead using <> to open and close HTML tags, you should use [].

Sample code:
[span style='font-size:18px;font-weight:bold;color:green']$500,000 USD[/span] - [span style='font-size:15px;font-weight:bold;color:red'][del]$550,000[/del][/span]

4. Bugs fixed
- Fix Properties filtering issue at Backend
- Fix Sef issue in OS Property States and Cities module

Please update your site to the latest version of OS Property to use these small and nice improvements. Thanks for continue using our product and support our development

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