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How do I disable OS Property style files in a Joomla template?

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2 years 1 month ago #145565 by Konstantin
Joomla 3.9.28, OS Property 3.19.1.

Both the component and its search module drag along with them a bunch of unnecessary and disturbing .js and .css files. Some style files could be disabled when overriding component and module. The scripts turned out to be disabled like this:
unset($this->_scripts[$this->baseurl . '/media/com_osproperty/assets/js/ajax.js']);
But here are the styles like this:
unset($this->_styles[$this->baseurl . '/media/com_osproperty/assets/css/frontend_style.css']);
can not be turned off. I have to hack the component, and in several places, which I, for obvious reasons, do not want to do. And the style file /components/com_osproperty/templates/default/style/style.css is generally not clear where it comes from, at least I could not find it.

I ask the community for help.

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