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6 months 2 weeks ago #129432 by Robert Eckert
Multi-Subscription and Requirements was created by Robert Eckert
I am sorry for my ignorance and if this is covered in the documentation or forums, but I cannot wrap my head around the best way to accomplish this. Our donor designation is where I am getting hung up.

Our organization has 2 different member types: affiliate members, and individual members. We would like to be able to keep these designations separate. We also have a Donor designation for those to are individual members and make a minimum donation. All membership periods are 1 year and renewable.
  • Affiliate members are basically a free membership if you are part of an organization we partner with and have all the same benefits as an individual member but do not have to pay, we just require documentation from the partner organization to get your membership with us(easy to setup)
  • Individual members pay $20/year to be a member (another easy one to setup)
  • Sustaining Donors - to be an sustaining donor you have to make a donation of at least $100 each year, but can give more if you would like.
  • To be a sustaining donor you must be an individual member. If you are an affiliate member you need to become an individual member before you have the option of being a donor.
  • We want to give the option to sign up to be an individual member and a donor at the same time/same transaction, but also give the opportunity to become a sustaining donor at a later date.
  • We need to be able to report on or send and email specifying the donation amount made for the member to deduct from their taxes.
  • At any point during your membership year, you can give at least $100 to become a donor (if you are not already a sustaining donor) and will keep the donor "status" until the end of your membership year

Some example use cases:
  • Someone who is not in our system wants to become a sustaining donor. They must pay the $20 membership fee and donate at least $100. In a single transaction they would pay $120, but we need to be able to tell them in an email "thank you for your tax deductible donation of $100....".
  • In one year they go to renew their membership and at renewal time they have the option to give an additional $100 on top of the $20 fee to be a sustaining donor for another year.

  • Is the setup described even possible to have automated, or will it require a lot of manual admin input and changes to make happen?
  • Should the sustaining donors be a separate subscription or just a custom field?
  • Can a custom field trigger an enrollment/signup of a second subscription at the same time?

I am probably over thinking this, but any help, guidance, or general pointing in a direction would be greatly appreciated. We really like Events Booking Pro and would love to be able to use both products with benefits between them.

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