Unique Plans should mean you are only offer renewals to the current plan

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1 year 8 months ago #148886 by intouchweb
If config is set to "Unique Plans" the customer should only be offered renewals on their current/most recent plan.
By 'upgrading' in a unique plans setup, members are effectively switching their plans to a new plan and the old plans should no longer be available to renew.

You should not be able to upgrade a plan and then be offered to renew the old plan...

However the system just treats the old plans as additional expired plans.
So renewals are offered to all plans, causing confusion. 

I believe the logic needs to be:
- IF unique plans is set to YES, then renewals are ONLY offered to the current (or most recent) plan, OR
- IF unique plans are set to NO, then renewals are offered for all plans

Anyone agree?

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