Additional Group Membership Features

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3 years 3 months ago #136835 by Gary Bartlett
Additional Group Membership Features was created by Gary Bartlett
(This concerns enhancements to what is described here: ).
  1. The ability to create a group plan that users can subscribe to or be subscribed to and specify the name and details for.
  2. The automatic creation of a group or organisation record to reflect these details. (In my case, I want to calculate an organisational licence against that record number, thereby ensuring uniqueness.)
  3. The admin user has the ability to add, remove and change members to and from different levels of that group (In my case, I have Staff Member, Leader and Practitioner levels).
  4. Pricing for both the group plan and each user within it is calculated against the number of users subscribed at each level - to provide banded bulk-discounting. E.g.:
  5. The Group Plan price (fixed by the number and mix of users) is calculated at n x average plan price less a banded volume discount.
  6. Per user price is calculated at the normal plan price less a banded volume discount per user.

My objectives are:
  1. The ability to provide organisational bulk purchase discounting.
  2. The ability to have different group/organisation members on different plans.
  3. The ability to bill for multiple users collectively.
  4. The ability to provide organisational level content auto-licensing.
  5. The ability to allow the creation of online discussion groups - open to only organisation members.
  6. The ability for members of the organisation to create custom content, accessible only by group members at the respective levels.
  7. The ability to report on utilisation levels, by user.

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