[03-August-2022] Membership Pro Version 3.1.1 Released

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1 year 1 month ago #153062 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Dear customers

Today, I am happy to announce new version of Membership Pro, version 3.1.1 with the following improvements:

1. Category Improvement

Allows you to setup Emails & Messages for each category and all plans belong to that category will use the configured emails & messages (instead of the global emails & messages). It is useful in case you have different plan categories in the system and each category need it own emails & messages

2. Improve Frontend Subscriptions Management

Added new parameters to frontend subscriptions management to allow limit management subscriptions (through this menu item) to certain plans you want only (controlled in Plans and Exclude Plans parameters)

3. Added Batch Discount Feature

This allows you to generate early renewal discount for multiple plans at once. This is useful in case you need to create early renewal discount rules for multiple plans with same settings (save time, instead of having to create individual record for each plan)

4. Added Intro Text Support For Frontend Pages

When you create a menu item to display certain views in Membership Pro (for example, Plans List Page, Subscriptions Management Page), you can now add certain text at the top of the page (giving some kind of instructions for example) before the output of the view is being displayed. 

5. Improve Group Membership 

Added new config option Show Join Group Link. If set to Yes, Membership Pro will display join group link in user profile (of group admin) so that he can copy this link and send to the members he want and these members can  access to these link to join the group (instead of group admin has to enter all these group members himself)

6. Other Improvements

- Improve Subscription Export: Added a new config option to allow exporting plan category in the subscriptions export.
- Improve Custom Field: Allow translating validation error message on a multilingual website
- Trigger onMembershipExpire event when unpublish a subscription (so for example, when you unpublish a subscription, he will be removed from the Joomla user groups which he was assigned to when he subscribe for the plan)
- Fix Coupon Import Error:  This happens when the date columns in the source field is formatted as DateTime in Excel.

Please update your site to this latest version of Membership Pro to use these new features and bugs fixes. Thanks for continue using our products and support our development. I will continue working hard to improve it, make it better from time to time.


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