[24-May-2022] Membership Pro version 3.0.2 releases

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6 months 1 week ago #151951 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Dear customers

Today, I am happy to announce new version of Membership Pro, version 3.0.2. Below are the improvements:

1. Support Input Mask

Membership Pro is now integrated with Input Mask library from imask.js.org to allow you to define input mask for each custom field to force users to enter data in the format you want. You can use Regex or Pattern  to define input mask for your custom fields.

2. Allow adding intro text for some menu items
- Added Intro text parameter to various menu item types: User Profile, Members List, Plans Management, Subscribers Management, Renew Membership, Upgrade Membership..... That allows you to add the text you want and these text will be displayed at the top of the page, could be useful in some cases.

3. Handle Page heading settings properly
- Show/Hide page heading on pages depend on Show Page Heading parameter from menu item.
- Handle Use Global option for Show Page Heading properly.
- If Page Heading is defined in the menu item, use that heading text instead of our own language item (menu item takes higher priority)

4. Added Simple Multilingual option

If you are having a multilingual website with too many languages, you could get row size too large error while using Membership Pro due to the way the extension is designed to store multilingual data for plans, custom fields...... To address this issue, we added a new config option Activate Simple Multilingual​​​​​​​. Set this to Yes will address this issue

5. Anti-Spam Solution
- Integrate Honeypot solution to prevent spam bots from subscribing for plans.
- Two other optional settings Minimum Form Time (in Seconds)​​​​​​​ and Maximum Form Submissions Per Session​​​​​​​ to prevent registration processed too fast or too much registrations in a short time (by spam) which can be used to prevent spams further if needed.

6. Payment Plugins Added/Updated

- Added MP Squareup Card payment plugin with better UI, support 3D Secure and Compatible with SCA requirement. If you are using MP Squareup payment plugin, we recommend you to migrate to use this new payment plugin instead to avoid payment is declined.
- Updated MP Stripe Checkout payment plugin to use latest Stripe API. It also fixed a problem with recurring subscription when trial amount is used. All customers use MP Stripe Checkout payment plugin should update your site to the latest version of the payment plugin
- Updated MP Mollie payment plugin to allow setup separate API Key for sandbox and Live Mode
- Updated MP RedSys payment plugin to fix a bug when Allowed Payment Type​​​​​​​ set to Todos

7. Some small bugs fixes/improvements
- Added config option to allow recurring payment amounts on subscription if required (in some cases, the payment terms should be enough)
- Allow accessing to member's custom fields data easily on members list page (in case you need to customize the layout of the page, just use syntax $item->'name_of_field'} to get data of a custom field
- Fixed wrong messages in Membership Pro -> Emails & Messages use wrong field type

Please update your site to this latest version of Membership Pro to use these new features and bugs fixes. Thanks for continue using our products and support our development. I will continue working hard to improve it, make it better from time to time


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