[13-Sep-2021] Membership Pro version 2.25.0 released

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1 year 2 months ago #146417 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Dear Customers

Today, I am happy to announce the next release of Membership Pro, version 2.25.0  with the following improvements:

1. Various Custom Fields Improvements
Added some new settings to custom field to make it more powerful:

Data Filter: Allow filtering date which users enter into custom fields to the format you want (for example, number, change it to lower case, upper case... when saving the data)
Input Size : Control the size of the input: small, medium, large, extra large, ultra large. You can control size of the input by select from one of available sizes instead of entering css class for the field.
Container Size​​​​​​​: Control the size of the field in the form. This allows you to build columns layout for subscription form easier (see the attached screenshot for an example)
Container Class: Allow you to specify the css class which you want to use for the div container of the field, sometime, you might need it to apply custom styling to the div
- Display Field Description config option to allow choosing how description of a field will be displayed (Tooltip by default, under field label, under field input, next to field input)


2. Mailchimp Integration Improvement
Now, Groups (Interests) in Mailchimp is supported. You can choose the groups/interests which subscribers will be assigned to when they subscribe to your plan and the groups/interests which they will be removed when subscription is expired.

3. Improve Recurring Subscriptions
For recurring subscription plan with fixed number of payments, you can setup it so that after last payment completed, subscription will become:

- Lifetime subscription
- Or extended for certain time (like 3 weeks, 3 months...)

This is quite powerful. For example, you can create a plan which will be expired in one year but payment will be made every month, with total 3 payments. It was not possible to do that before (with that kind of payment, subscriptions will be expired after 3 months)

4. Subscription Approved Email For Administrators

Now, when admin approved a subscription, the system can send notification email to administrator, too. It could be useful in case you have multiple users which you want to receive notification. So if someone approves the subscription, others will be notified about this action, too.

5. Special Tax Support For Canada

In Canada, customers said that two tax rates are needed with fixed tax rates. For that, we added support for two new tags which can be used in invoice & email to show these tax amounts: [TPS_TAX] (5%), [TVQ_TAX] (9.975%)

6. Some small bugs fixes
- Fixed SQL errors in some pages if you use PDO Driver for your site (not many customers use it, but if you use it, you won't get any error now).
- Fixed small javascript issue with subscription form columns layout.
Please update your site to this latest version of Membership Pro to use these improvements. Thanks for continue using our product and support our development


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