07th June 2021- New version 5.8.8

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1 year 7 months ago #144550 by Mr. Dam
07th June 2021- New version 5.8.8 was created by Mr. Dam
The Joom Donation developer team are proud to announce the release of Joom Donation 5.8.8. This is the ninth release for the 5.8.x series of Joom Donation with new improvement and addresses issues introduced in previous versions.

What's new in Joom Donation 5.8.8
1. Add new Custom field type: PHP
From this version, we add new Custom field: PHP, it allows you to process PHP code to retrieve data in specific Database tables to make them as options of select list.

2. Improve Stripe and Stripe Checkout payment gateways
In previous versions, both Stripe and Stripe Checkout don't support stopping recurring donation. From this version, the recurring donation (through Stripe and Stripe Checkout) will stop when it reaches enough processing times.

3. Compatible with Joomla4 RC 10
Joomla 4 RC 10 was released, we have completed testing/repair of Joom Donation on Joomla 4 RC10 platform

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