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6 days 22 hours ago #135811 by Stephan Hodges
Event Export does not include zoom fields was created by Stephan Hodges
I exported all events. I like that it followed the filter rules, and only exported upcoming events when I had it set that way.

However, it did not export "Advanced Settings" (I wanted the Notification Emails field value) nor did it export the Zoom settings "Meeting ID" and "Webinar ID".

Also, I don't think it exported whether or not it was a child or parent event. I would like to see two columns for this information. "Parent/Child" (maybe "P" or "C" values?) and a "Parent ID" column for child events with the ID of the parent.

I was hoping that these would be exported, so that I could use the exported spreadsheet as a template to allow quick importing of new Zoom events.

I haven't checked the documentation to see how to define parent and repeating events yet, so I don't know if the above missing columns are defined for inport or not.

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6 days 15 hours ago #135824 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Replied by Tuan Pham Ngoc on topic Event Export does not include zoom fields
Hello Stephan

1. I can help with exporting Notification Emails if needed as it simple to modify code to export that data

2. However, it's not possible to export Meeting ID, Webinar ID. These data is stored in params columns in #__eb_events table (like many other data such as Mailchimp Mailing List ID, ACYMailing List ID...).

3. For event type, it's hard to handle it for import, too. You would need to have two new columns:

- event_type: For standard event, value = 0. For parent event, value = 1. For children events, value=2
- parent_id: For normal events, it has value = 0. For children event, it need to have the value = ID of the parent event. However, before the importing process, we do not know ID of parent event to put it here, so it's not possible

In short, for recurring events, you could not import it. You will have to create these events manually via Events Booking -> Events section manually


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