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6 years 10 months ago #53309 by jburke
Hacking Message was created by jburke
I received the following email yesterday and I was unable to log onto your site - which I now can. Please comment on the email message:
"You're HACKED thanks to JoomDonation.com

JoomDonation.com via mail144.wdc04.mandrillapp.com
1:44 AM (8 hours ago)

to John
Hello John Burke
How the hell are you? No need to ask, I’m fine!
I’m the one who has hacked all of your sites, emails, accounts etc. that has been using JoomDonation.com site/components. Scaring? Hell Yea :-)
About 15 months ago, I was able to penetrate into several Joomla sites. One of these luckies was JoomDonation.com After a while I realised that their crappy components were used by other Joomla developers too so I injected my shells into JoomDonation.com components. As per result, I’ve a list of 300000+ Joomla users+emails and you’re just one of them, lucky thing :-)
Don’t you believe? Follow me on twitter.com/joomleaks or #joomleaks hashtag and you’ll see the database of JoomDonation.com as a beginning.
Yea Yea I know you all have scanners, firewalls, admin tools etc installed on your server/site but you what? F*ck em all. They’re just noob tools. Think about, I’ve injected my own shells into 10000+ Joomla sites and none of you or your magic tools have been awared of.
WARNING: You have 5 days to clean up your sites then my bot will start putting your sites down. If your site was not so valuable for me, removing the components would be enough. If so, then I will most probably blackmail you soon :-)
Want an advice from a hacker? Don’t use any script from Thailand/Vietnam developers, their code is so crappy :-) Try Indian quality.
This email was sent to all JoomDonation.com users. We’ll meet again if you have accounts registered to other Joomla developers :-)
This was my thanksgiving gift, keep yourself safe ;-)

JnLiau "

John Burke

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6 years 9 months ago #53381 by Tuan Pham Ngoc
Replied by Tuan Pham Ngoc on topic Hacking Message

Please see joomdonation.com/forum/questions/45068-i...-security-issue.html

We will update with final information later today



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