Conditional Subscribe to ACYM6 Mailing List based on Custom Field Value

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2 weeks 5 days ago - 2 weeks 5 days ago #134476 by Matt Hankosky
It would be cool if there was the ability to subscribe users to different ACYM6 mailing lists based on their selection in a custom field.

Case in point.

We use ZOOM for our webinars (already working with Tuan on a custom Plugin that allows webinar subscriptions to zoom durring EB registration) and some of our clients companies have blocked zoom on their networks. We have an option during the registration process called "Is Zoom Blocked" and its a simple radio of Yes or No. If Yes right now, we display a second custom field that is just a message that says we will provide them with the link to watch the live broadcast on YouTube (Zoom Webinar supports broadcasting to youtube at the same time). We keep our youtube videos unlisted as they are for clients only.

Right now i have to go and manually export registrations from EB into a CSV, then sort by Custom Zoom Field, Copy out Emails for those users that said yes, then import them into ACYM6.

I was thinking that in the ACYM6 Plugin in EB, we could have a Conditional statement that we could program for each event.

IF CustomField.ZoomBlocked = Yes then Subscribe user to Webinar_may15_youtube list in ACYM.

Just a thought.

On a side note, ACYM 5 used to have a universal filter that would allow you specify SQL statements to subscribe users, however that functionality is not part of ACYM6 Yet anyway ..
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