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1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #121293 by Ian
Add Custom Fields To Checkout was created by Ian
I have almost completed set up of eshop.

I am very impressed by the software - it is an excellent design and implementation.

I have a feature request - I am sure many eshop users would also find it very useful.

I need to collect additional info from clients at checkout of each order.

For example:

1) Which advisor did you speak to ? (Fred or John or Mary)

2) Where did you hear about us ? (Google or Recommendation or Newspaper or Other Website)

3) How would you like us to contact you ? (Phone or Email or Post)

4) How would you rate the process so far ? (Great or OK or Difficult)

5) Would you recommend us to a friend ? (Yes or No)

6) Would you like us to call you to help you get started ? (Yes or No)

7) Please tick this box to confirm you understand our cancellation policy (checkbox)

These are just examples - I am sure all your clients have some simple info they would like to collect at checkout.

I have tried many ways in the software to achieve this. The closest I can come is that I can add a few custom fields to collect the data i need BUT the custom fields are added to the billing or shipping address sections.

This doesnt work for my situation - The simple reason is that if client is already registered they SKIP the address section so they wont see the fields - also the fields in address section will retain the data from the last order the client placed.

I want them to answer these questions again each time they order.

I think the simplest way to provide the solution i need is to add another option to the "Address type" field when you create a new Field.

So the new options would be:
- Both Billing and Shipping Address
- Billing Address
- Shipping Address
- Confirm Order Section

The data entered by clients would be stored as an extra field on the orders table (like you already do now) - but wouldn't need a column on the address tables.

Then you just need to adapt the code in the checkout page to show these fields at the bottom of the page just before the Confirm Order button.

I believe that many eshop users will find MANY MANY uses for these fields. Each type of business will have some extra info they want to capture from their clients for each order.
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