08th July 2021 - New version 1.19.10

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1 year 4 months ago #145222 by Mr. Dam
08th July 2021 - New version 1.19.10 was created by Mr. Dam
The Edocman developer team are proud to announce the release of Edocman 1.19.10. This is a eleventh release for the 1.19.x series of Edocman with new improvements.

What's new in Edocman 1.19.10
1. Add Edocman Form plugin which alllow to show Document details in Joomla article
In this version, we add new Edocman Content plugin, it's: Edocman Document Plugin, this plugin allows you to show document details in specific Joomla article through a shortcode
ID_OF_DOCUMENT is ID number of document that you want to show in article. For example {edform 1} will show content of document with ID is 1

2. Add Download Chart view at Backend side
This function will show download statistic in chart, and administrator can filter download information through categories. Download Chart can be founded at Backend -> Edocman -> Others -> Download Chart.

3. Improve Edocman Gdrive plugin
In previous version, the plugin Edocman Gdrive doesn't allow to create/delete category's directories, but from this version, it can create folders of categories on your Gdrive storage and storing documents in corresponding folders based on their main categories.

4. Improve Login to Download function
Fix issue on Login function when username is email address

5. Add function to remove data temporarily view folder
From this version, function Clean Edocman temporarily folder will also be used to remove files in folder: root -> edocman -> edocmanviewer (this folder is used to store physical files for PDF viewer)

6. Add configure option to show warning when user doesn't have permission to download document
In this version, we add new configure option: Show No Download permission, when it is enabled and user doesn't have permission to download document, Edocman will show the alert to inform him (her).

7. Other bugs fixed
  • Fix issue in Edocman Categories tree module
  • Fix issue in Edocman Tags module
  • Fix issue when changing category names
  • Fix issue when changing main category of document
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