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1 year 10 months ago #137822 by katta
Shipping by weight was created by katta
I am having an issue with the shipping by weight.

I am trying to set up a shop that will be shipping only to my country at pick-up points. The cost is the same anywhere by weight.

Since I couldn't find any other way to make the pick-up areas available by cities or a custom field that I could use to do that, I used country field as city and Region as the pick-up area.

Now I have 3 issues.

One is that the plugin shipping by weight is using geozone which I don't need it as I am trying to limit the actions needed by the customers. I only need to cost the shipping by weight. Is there any way I can do this?

And also is there any way to unpublish the address field? I can't edit and can't make it at least not required and is not required at all

And last is how to I have only Shipping address as it needs it to calculate the shipping cost. I couldn't find any option to hide the Billing Address...

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