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OS Services Booking - Joomla Services and Appointments

OS Services Booking is Joomla online services schedule booking and appointments management. This extension has a lot of great features to make your services booking system helpful with the customers.

Version: 2.22.3 Last Updated: May 16 2024 Compatible: Joomla 3.9.0+, Joomla 4, Joomla 5

OS Services Booking v2.22.3 Software With Amazing Performance

(Latest version: 2.22.3, released on 16th May 2024)



Adapt to almost Services & Appointment online booking systems like courts, massages, clinic, consulting, salon etc with flexible time slots.

Flexible data management

Flexible data management

Providing diverse relationships between Categories, Venues, Services, Employees (Staffs) to make booking system become more flexible, easier to use.

Easy to make booking request

Easy to make booking request

Just some clicks and 4 steps, customer can complete their booking request with all neccessary information.

Custom fields

Custom fields & Extras

Allow to create unlimited custom fields in Booking table page and Booking form page. The custom fields can be free or commercial fields. Field additional time (extras) supported too.



If you want to have Booking layout with Single service, specific employee, a date period etc. Everything can be done with powerful menu layouts of component.

Multiple languages

Multiple languages

Allow to create data in multiple languages. You also able to modify language files through Translation tool at Back-end of component.


SMS Integration

Customer notification through SMS API from ClickAtell, EzTexing, ClickSend, SmsHosting and TextLocal.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways

You are provided with payment plugins for payment processing - Paypal, Authorize, Money Prepaid, SagePay, WorldPay, Eway, Offline payment .. are available. Other commercial options like Stripe, Mollie, Square... Even more plugins will be added in future.



Responsive feature provides an optimal viewing experience-easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling-across a wide range of devices. Bootstrap 2,3,4,5 supported

GCalendar Integration

GCalendar/Outlook Integration

Allow to add/remove booking requests into GCalendar and Outlook. 2 ways sync with GCalendar

PDF Invoices

PDF Invoices

The PDF invoice with all neccessary information will be sent to customer when they complete the booking request. Easy to change customize Invoice layout

QR Code

QR Code

Each order details will have one QRCode, customer can use this code to check-in on their booked services.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More


  • Unlimited Categories, Venues, Services(Appointment types) and Employees (Staff) s

  • Easy to manage Orders list, Categories, Venues etc. at Back-end side

  • Support 2 Services types: 2 time slots support: Standard (Normal) and Custom

  • Coupon discount supported

  • Several Report types

  • Powerful configuration

  • Email templates management

  • Payment gateways management
  • Working time management


  • Enable/disable payments

  • Smart layout with Javascript and Ajax integration

  • Easy to make Services (Appointments) the booking request

  • Repeat booking by days, weeks and months

  • Extras time
  • Custom fee fields
  • Confirm booking through Email
  • Flexible booking layouts

  • Waiting list and alert


  • Venues listing

  • Categories listing

  • Services listing

  • Employees listing

  • All items listing

  • Customer layout

  • Employee works layout

  • Booking table layout

  • Management layout


  • Reponsive & Retina and Smart layout with Bootstrap

  • PDF invoices

  • ClickAtell, EzTexing, ClickSend, SmsHosting and TextLocal integration

  • Multilingual with Joomla Native multiple languages

  • SEO Ready with Joomla Sef core

  • AcyMailing integration

  • Support different language packages

  • Captcha supported

  • Joomla User Profile integration

  • EasyProfile integration


Version 2.22.3 (May 2024)

1. Add configure option to setup time for removing pending orders
2. Update database
3. Improve layouts
4. Fix issues in previous versions
5. Update new payment library for Joomla 5 and PHP 8.x

Version 2.22.2 (March 2024)
1. Add configure option to make field: Email in Checkout form is require or not
    2. Add configure option to Show just one nearest timeslot
    3. Add field: First Name in Checkout form
    4. Improve ICS generator function
    5. Add option to enter start and end time when adding order items at backend side
    6. Fix issue on Remove all 
    7. Add option to show/hide columns in management pages
    8. Fix serious issue in booking process
    9. Apply charset to utf8mb4 in database tables on first time installation
    10. Add IP Banned plugin
    11. Support Joom Donation Captcha

Version 2.22.1 (January 2024)

1. Add option to confirm booking through email when payment disabled
2. Improve UI
3. Add option to show Login and Checkout forms with fields in horizontally or vertically
4. Improve field validation
5. Add core.admin permission
6. Fix previous issues

Version 2.22.0 (November 2023)
1. Improve component layouts
2. Add field Salutation in Checkout form
3. Add Dark layout style for Dark Joomla template
4. Improve calendars
5. Add resting time/cleaning time at end of order item
6. Improve booking progress
7. Add configure options to change order status when payment failure
8. Support more than one custom timeslots discount option
9. Add jQuery validator in Checkout, Login and Registration forms
10. Fix previous issues

Version 2.21.1 (September 2023)

Fix issues in previous versions

Version 2.21.0 (August 2023)

  1. Fully compatible with Joomla 5
  2. Fix issues in previous versions

Version 2.20.0 (June 2023)
1. Add Extras option
2. Provide crontask solution on Joomla4
3. Add Payment failure alert plugin
4. Add Clean Email Logs system plugin
5. Add notify emails (including ICS) when new order item created
6. Fix previous issues

Version 2.19.6 (April 2023)
1. Add option to show/hide link to pay remain payment
2. Send notification to customers when their booked employees are unavailable
3. Improve component sef router functions
4. Fix minor issues

Version 2.19.5 (March2024)

Fix issues in previous versions

Version 2.19.4 (February 2024)

1. Add Access field for employees
2. Add option to set service unavailable dates for a time period
3. Add coupon code and title in emails
4. Make the frontend's calendar responsive
5. Improve ICS generator function
6. Fix minor issues

Version 2.19.3 (January 2023)
1. Add dropdown select list option with field "State" in Checkout form
2. Add labels for custom timeslots
3. Improve Orders cancellation progress
4. Improve OSB Search module
5. Improve listing layouts
6. Fix issues in previous versions

Version 2.19.2 (November 2022)
1. Improve order cancellation progress
2. Improve Weekly calendar at Backend
3. Improve Email logs function at Backend
4. Improve file upload function
5. Make orders management page responsive on mobile layout
6. Fix issue on min/max check-in
7. Fix other minor issues

Version 2.19.1 (September 2022)
1. Add Email Logs feature
2. Add Error layout
3. Fix issue on Google Calendar library
4. Fix some small issues

Version 2.19.0 (August 2022)

1. Add option to select Joomla User for order when make reservation with Administrator or Employee roles
2. Google Calendar integration 2 ways
3. Allow employee to cancel the reservations in their work list
4. Add Repeat booking when adding reservation at Backend side
5. Option to copy existing customer data when creating order from backend
6. Add Max - Min Check-in dates (override Venue feature)
7. Fix issue on email sending in order cancellation
8. Fix issue in module OSB Cart

Version 2.18.0 (July 2022)
1. Add special rates feature
2. Add feature to list customers, including option to export customers to CSV
3. Add Trend Chard features to list income based on different time periods
4. Improve feature Limit booking based on check-in times
5. Add option to send Invoice in Payment complete notification emails
6. Add tag to show Order details in SMS Content
7. Add option to add/modify assigned employees in Service modification page
8. Add option to select Decimals and Thoudsands seperators
9. Add number of booked seats in Gcalendar events
10. Add option to hide paid amount at top of Checkout page
11. Other minor improvements
12. Bugs fixed

Version 2.17.0 (May 2022)

1. Add limit booking by date/week/month to Joomla Users/ Emails - applies to booking date
2. Replace Cron task by Joomla System plugin
3. Improve statistic chart feature in OS Services Booking dashboard
4. Improve Coupon feature to add Minimum applied cost
5. Add SMS plugins: SMSHosting, ClickSend beside existing SMS providers: ClickAtell, TextLocal and Eztexing
6. Hide Payment part in Checkout form when user doesn't need to pay anything to complete their order
7. Show messages in Booking table page when popup is disabled
8. Show deposit amount in Checkout form
9. Add confirm popup in Checkout form
10. Add Button stylesheet CSS file with option to load or not
11. Show assigned employees in services list
12. Fix various minor bugs

Version 2.16.0 (March 2022)
1. Improve UX in Configuration page
2. Implement drag & drop ordering in management pages
3. Apply refund option when order cancellation
4. Add option to allow user to pay the remain amount payment of order
5. Add "Message" custom fields
6. Add Notification Emails when customers to edit or cancel their booking at frontend side

Version 2.15.0 (February 2022)

1. Retouch layouts in Joomla4 version
2. Add option to release pending orders when customers don't make payment
3. Add Refund option for Prepaid payment plugin
4. Add notification emails to Administrator/employee/customer when the order items are removed
5. Add CSS Class for custom fields
6. Add option to block booking with specific IP Address or Joomla Users
7. Fix issues in previous versions

Version 2.14.6 (December 2021)

Fix issues in previous versions

Version 2.14.5 (November 2021)

1. Add QR Code scan function
2. Apply QR Code for each of order items
3. Improve Frontend Page Navigation
4. Improve GCalendar integration feature
5. Fix issues in previous versions

Version 2.14.4 (October 2021)
1. Add OpenStreetMap
2. Add Horizontal Search module
3. Improve OS Services Booking on Joomla4

Version 2.14.3 (September 2021)

Fix issues in previous versions

Version 2.14.2 (August 2021)

1. Fully compatible with Joomla 4

2. Fix issues in previous versions

Version 2.14.1 (July 2021)

1. Add option to integrate Core fields and Custom extra fields with Joomla User Profile and Easy Profile
2. Add function to send Test SMS
3. Add Max timeslots option for services that customer can book in one day
4. Add option to change Check-in status at Backend side
5. Add Payment failure email

Version 2.14.0 (June 2021)
1. Compatible with PHP 8
2. Include Google library into package
3. Add Weekly/Daily calendar (Backend side)
4. Improve Monthly calendar (Backend side)
5. Improve Employee's calendar (Backend side)
6. Add option to remove all
7. Add option to show/hide field in email
8. Add Service Color for showing on calendar
9. Improve Prepaid payment gateway
10. Fix Paypal payment gateway issue
11. Fix issue on Custom extra field
12. Fix issue on Multiple timeslots booking form

Version 2.13.0 (May 2021)

1. Add option to edit existing booked timeslots of order
2. Add option to refund deposit amount
3. Export Orders to PDF
4. Add option to manage Waiting List at Backend side
5. Add option to disable Reminder in Orders management page
6. Add option to send Money request in Orders management page
7. Add Textlocal SMS service
8. Allow to upload different image types
9. Improve field "How many seats you want to book" in Booking form

Version 2.12.2 (April 2021)
1. Add Employee Setting layout (Frontend)
2. Improve PDF Invoice feature
3. Add option to allow Customers to select to recevei reminder emails/sms or not
4. Fix Calendar issue (Backend)
5. Fix issue on saving unavailable dates of employee (Backend)

Version 2.12.1 (March 2021)

1. Add Order cancel confirmation option
2. Fix issue on orders duplication when cart is disabled
3. Fix occupied timeslots issue on custom breaktime
4. Fix timezone issue on ICS files
5. Fix SQL query issue on installation

Version 2.12.0 (January 2021)

1. UIKIT compatible
2. Add option to change position of small calendar
3. Add event attendance thank you email
4. Add Employee's busy time
5. Improve ICS feature
6. SEF Router improvement
7. Some logic issues fixed

Version 2.11.0 (November 2020)
1. Add option to generate booking to .ics file and send them to customers
2. Improve Privacy Policy feature
3. Add Customer information layout
4. Improve layout "Manage all orders"
5. Add email template "Offline payment received"
6. Improve function "Send notify emails" at Backend side

Version 2.10.1 (October 2020)
1. Add option to apply Venue feature into Booking form when you have only one Venue object
2. Add new supported tag in SMS Message to contain Order details {Orders_details}
3. Add new custom extra field type in Checkout form: Field Upload
4. Add Custom Field Tags in Invoice content and Email templates
5. Add Google Map API Key configure option
6. Add configure option to show/hide number available seats
7. Apply Browser Page title, Page Heading, Meta tags in Booking form
9. Fix issues in previous versions

Version 2.10.0 (August 2020)
1. Compatible Joomla 4 Beta
2. Fix issues in previous versions

Version 2.9.2 (July 2020)

1. Improve Invoice Content ( https://joomdonation.com/forum/os-services-booking/68617-new-pdf-invoice-layout-os-services-booking-2-9-2.html )
2. Fix issue on Small Calendar
3. Add notification email to customers when the order is cancelled
4. Allow multiple notification emails
5. Fix issue on Services duplication

Version 2.9.1 (June 2020)

1. Fix issue on adding timeslots to cart
2. Fix issue on showing booked timeslots
3. Add custom option on layout setting
4. Apply New PayPal IPN verification

Version 2.9.0 (May 2020)

1. Add option to limit one timeslot per order
2. Improve feature "Discount by number slots added" of Custom timeslots services
3. Improve feature "Max Seats can book" of Custom timeslots services
4. Improve Deposit feature to add Flat rate amount
5. Add PayU Payment gateway
6. Add configure option to change background color of Booked timeslots
7. Improve Employee emails
8. Improve Venues, Services, Categories listing to add parameter: Intro text
9. Add OSB Cleaner plugin to remove Pending orders after a time period
10. Fix issue when user cancel the orders, the timeslots aren't be able to book

Version 2.8.2 (March 2020)
1.  Release new version of Payment library solve SSL issues with Authorize.net and Molie payment plugins
2.  Fix issue on saving Custom field "File Upload" when disabling Confirmation step
3.  Fix issue on Checkout form, can't submit form when activating Term and Condition
4.  Fix issue on Timeslot's available statuses (frontend side)
5.  Fix issue on showing timeslots when you add order items including Venue (Backend side)
6.  Improve Venue modification form (Backend side)

Version 2.8.1 (November 2019)

 1. Fix issues on saving pictures of services and employees

 2. Fix issue on OSB Search module

Version 2.8.0 (October 2019)

  1.  Compatible with Joomla 4 Alpha
  2.  Remove deprecated Joomla classes and functions
  3.  Change attribute of some DB columns

Version 2.7.6 (September 2019)

 1. Improve Booking Repeat function

Version 2.7.5 (July 2019)

  1. Implement Nested Categories
  2. Add option to assign payment plugins to services
  3. Improve Oders managerment at frontend side
  4. Add Stripe Checkout payment gateway

Version 2.7.4 (May 2019)
  1. Add option to disable timeslots of employees/services of venue one the same timeslot (of employees/services of venue) is booked
  2. Add option to select Default country in Checkout form
  3. Fix isue with coupon code fixed amount
  4. Add option to hide Phone and Contact number of employees at frontend
  5. Add option to enlarge employee's photo at frontend
  6. Working with Acymailing 6

Version 2.7.3 (February 2019)
  1. Add option to allow to send/ not send emails
  2. Add CSV export for orders management at frontend
  3. Add option to enter specific dates in booking form
  4. Increase limit for field Steps in minutes
  5. Add filter by Customer Names in Orders management tool at Backend
  6. Fix employee's break time issue
  7. Fix Category image removing issue
  8. Fix Term and Condition article link in Checkout form

Version 2.7.2 (January 2019)
  1. Improve CSV export tool
  2. Add feature to skip date to apply Disable Booking Dates feature of Venue
  3. Fix Repeat Booking issue
  4. Fix Multiple timeslots checkboxes issue
  5. Fix Javascript issue on Confirmation button
  6. Add Venue filtering in Orders list
  7. Improve OSB Search module

Version 2.7.1 (December 2018)
   1. Add option to setup style of inactivated date
   2. Add new tags for SMS
   3. Fix Custom working time issue

Version 2.7.0 (November 2018)
   1. Add feature to allow customers to select more than one timeslot per "Add to cart" session
   2. Add option to allow/not allow user to cancel remove appointments (in their orders)
   3. Fix Calendar issue

Version 2.6.6 (October 2018)
    1. Fix issue on sending Confirmation email
    2. Retouch Checkout page
    3. Retouch Configuration page
    4. Moving JS and CSS files into Media folder
    5. Add overridden layouts
    6. Fix issue when loading services and employees tabs
    7. Fix issue on sending Confirmation email
    8. Remove different timezone tooltip

Version 2.6.5 (September 2018)

    Fix Paypal payment plugin issue

Version 2.6.4 (September 2018)
    1. Fix issue with Custom working time
    2. Adjust the Custom orders history
    3. Improve ClickAtell SMS
    4. Remove SSL configure option

Version 2.6.3 (September 2018)
    1. Fix issue with saving SMS configuration
    2. Fix issue with creating Venue name in Configuration

Version 2.6.2 (August 2018)

     1. Fix ClickAtell SMS
     2. Add feature to allow employee to add Custom Break time
     3. Add SMS messages to employees
     4. Fix issue on Customer's calendar

Version 2.6.1 (July 2018)
     1. Improve ClickAtell SMS
     2. Improve Waiting list function
     3. Change Service time length format
     4. Fix Coupon issue
     5. Fix Categories listing issue
     6. Fix issue on Orders management function at front-end   

Version 2.6.0 (June 2018)
     1. Improve Orders management tool at Front-end side
     2. Add feature to Skip days if they don't have any available timeslots
     3. Add Required option for fields in Checkout form
     4. Add Opening time for Venues
     5. Fix Group discount issue
     6. Fix minor issues from older versions

Version 2.5.10 (June 2018)
     1. Remember selected service and employee after changing dates
     2. Fix issue on Saving Start date of coupon
     3. Fix issue on Version 2.5.9

Version 2.5.9 (June 2018)

  1. GDPR Support
  2. Paypal IPN payment improvement
  3. Support Bootstap 4
  4. Support Custom CSS
  5. Add option to send order invoice to administrator
  6. Improve layout issues
  7. Minor issues fixed: Categories list, Captcha by pass, Coupon, Prepaid

Version 2.5.8 (Feb2018)

  1. Fix Stripe payment plugin compatible issue
  2. Fix Service's price adjustment saving issue
  3. Show Number Used Times of coupons at Back-end side

Version 2.5.7 (Feb2018)
    1. Fix GCalendar integration issue
    2. Show number times that coupon is used
    3. Add Groups discount
    4. Fix OSBTable plugin
    5. Increase step in minutes value
    6. Fix Paypal Pro & Authorize.net TLS 1.2
    7. Add new email template when customer cancel their order
    8. Add Custom css file
    9. Google reCaptcha issue fixed
    10. Minor issues fixed

Version 2.5.6 (Oct 2017)
    1. Bootstrap 3 compatible
    2. Fix Weekly recurring issue with Custom timeslots
    3. Add option to show Service's cost including tax
    4. Add Access level for payment plugins
    5. Show customer information in Employee works layout
    6. Add Responsive feature on Employee works and orders history
    7. Add Customer information of Appointment on Google Calendar

Version 2.5.5 (August 2017)
    1. Add Calendar View
    2. Add Access level for Coupons
    3. Remove "Continue Booking" button on jQuery dialog - After add timeslot to cart
    4. Fix issue with showing Add to Waiting list
    5. Fix issue on saving Review at front-end

Version 2.5.4 (May 2017)
    1. Add Cart module
    2. Change description of service from textarea to editor
    3. Search filtering in plugins management
    4. Add Closing date reason
    5. Add Company name into Venue
    6. Improve search function at both front-end (Search module) or back-end (add-booking)
    7. Add Offline payment message

Version 2.5.3 - Paypal Security Announcement (March 2017)

This version fixed a medium level security issue which happens with PayPal payment plugin. In older version, PayPal payment plugin has a bug which allow dis-honest users with certain level technical skill can pay for the subscription using different currency with the currency you set for your system, thus paying lower price for the subscription.

Version 2.5.2 - Security Announcement (March 2017)

Check for the latest Joomla! OS Services Booking version. If you are not on the latest release, read the release notes to see if you need to upgrade. If a release is being made in order to address security issues then it is strongly advised that you upgrade as soon as possible.

If you are running an earlier release of the current version (for example, you are running OS Services Booking 2.5.1 or lower), you should upgrade to the current version. This minor release fixes a SQL Injection issue on router function of OS Services Booking (root > components > com_osservicesbooking > router.php)

Version 2.5.1 (January 2017)
    1. Add configure option to turn on/off Confirmation step
    2. Review/ Rating for services/ employees
    3. Fix Issue on saving Category description
    4. Fix Issue on saving Invoice content
    5. Fix Issue on Google map of Venue
    6. Fix Issue on Joomla Jinput


Version 2.5.0 (December 2016)
    1. Language files migration
    2. Upload any kind of pictures
    3. Remove Joomla deprecated functions
    4. Add Omnipay library
    5. Improve payment gateways


Version 2.4.9 (October 2016)

    1. Add Waiting list for booked timeslot
    2. Hide GCalendar fields of Employee when Configure option "GCalendar integration" is off


Version 2.4.8 (August 2016)
    1. Fix issue when select User when adding/modifying order at Back-end
    2. Add field Max seats allowed when selecting number custom timeslot
    3. Add Default option for Custom extra field: Select list
    4. Add option to pay Full amount (instead of Deposit amount) in Confirmation page
    5. Fix issue when adding more timeslots than avaialble timeslot
    6. Fix issue when adding custom timeslot into cart without entering number seats
    7. Add Configure option to show/hide Employee note and picture
    8. Add Configure option to hide the Calendar box from Checkout page
    9. Fix issue on Calendar box to allow full date button click
    10. Move Cart to bottom of page on tablet screen
    11. Custom timeslots batch import through CSV
    12. Auto Update OS Services Booking from Joomla Back-end

Version 2.4.7 (July 2016)

1. Prevent user to make more than booking per date (logged in first)
2. Show User balances at front-end
3. Update Joomla User group for services
4. Add booking Progress bar
5. Add feature to Skip Login/ Register
6. Fix Venue issue (Disable Booking before)

Version 2.4.6 (April 2016)
    1. Show Tax in Cart
    2. Fix Month of Calendar in Checkout form

Version 2.4.5 (March 2016)

    Compatible with Joomla 3.5.x and PHP7

Version 2.4.4 (March 2016)
    1. Add feature: Disable service when one employee is booked in case One service and more than one employees
    2. Fix error - Missing time slot: add order at back-end side
    3. Add week day in Additional cost of employees
    4. Fix issue - Missting Confirm button in Confirmation page

Version in 2.4.3 (Jan2016)
    1. Add Required status for field option - custom extra fields
    2. Add Ordering status for field option - custom extra fields
    3. Limit word in description of Categories, Servides in listing view
    4. Back-end ACL Improvement
    5. Mobile layout improvement
    6. Remove tabdrop

Version 2.4.2 (Dec 2015)
    1. Add QR code + Check-in function
    2. Add Checkin status for each item of order
    3. Add customer balance allow user to pay from their balance through Prepaid payment plugin
    4. Re-touch Cpanel layout + add submenus
    5. Added Access permission for Check-in funtion
    6. Remove Paypal IPN Log

Version 2.4.1 (Oct 2015)
+ Bug fixed
    1. Simple booking layout
    2. Can't select another services after adding item to cart
    3. Payment plugin installation

Version 2.4.0 (Aug 2015)
+ New features
    1. Add new time slots theme: Simple time slots theme
    2. Moving Service information into top part of booking table page when having 1 service
    3. Option to change tabs to dropdown select list
    4. Add Services layout with Grid and List view
    5. Add Grid view for Category layout
    6. Add Grid view for Employee layout
    7. Add Income Graph at Dashboard of OS Services Booking (Back-end side)
    8. Add feature to check Latest OS Services Booking version.

Version 2.3.7 (July 2015)
+ New features
    - Changing JS Alert to jQuery Dialog after adding timeslot into cart
    - Update Customer name and email after selecting user at Back-end > Add/Edit Order details
    - Duplicate Services and Employees
    - Add option to hide Employee's Cost

Version 2.3.6 (June 2015)
+ New features
        - Flexible Service Price: From this version, you are able to override Service’s price by dates in week or special date periods
        - Early Bird Discount: In each Service, you can setup the Early Bird discount (percentages or fixed amount) when customer make booking request early.
        - Discount by number Timeslots added: With Custom Time Slots Service, you can setup the discount (percentages or fixed amount) when customer add more than X seat into cart per session.
         - Add custom break time for employee on specific Service: In Previous version, administrator only can add the Break Time for one employee on Service by dates in week (Monday to Sunday). But from this version, administrator can add custom break time for specific date too.
         - New Order status: From this version, each order will have statuses: Pending, Completed, Canceled, Attended, Timeout, Refunded, Declined. Administrator also is able to change Order status in Orders list instead of going to Order details as previous version. Note: The Refunded is just Order status, OS Services Booking doesn’t process refund the money back to customer.
         - New Configure options: The Configuration page of OS Services Booking has been re-sorted to make it become more reasonable. We also add new configure options to make OSB become more flexible. Here are some new important configure options added 2.3.6
              1. Show Calendar box at Confirmation page
              2. Select Joomla user group which can bypass the Payment step (suitable in case administrator make the booking request at front-end)
              3. Turn on/off Early Bird Discount
              4. Turn on/off Showing “Number time slots request” input box in Booking table page. Set default is 1.
              5. Hide Tab Service/ Employee when there is only one item available
              6. Layout configure options
         - Content plugin: Allow you to add booking table page into one Article.

Version 2.3.5 (5th May 2015)
+ Added:
          - Ajax Loading
          - AcyMailing integration
          - Joomla User Profile integration

Version 2.3.4 (2nd February 2015)
+ Added:
          - Joomla multiple languages
          - Access levels for Services
          - EzTexting SMS API
          - Stripe, Authorize SIM payment gateways

OSB iDEAL Mollie

OSB iDEAL Mollie

This payment plugin in allows you to accept payments via iDeal Mollie payment gateway in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB ccAvenue

OSB ccAvenue

This payment plugin in allows you to accept payments via CC Avenue payment gateway in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Target pay

OSB Target pay

This plugin allows you to use TargetPay (https://www.targetpay.com/) payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Payfast

OSB Payfast

This plugin allows you to use Payfast (https://www.payfast.co.za) payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB RedSys

OSB RedSys

This plugin allows you to use RedSys (http://www.redsys.es) payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Stripe

OSB Stripe

This plugin allows you to use Stripe (https://stripe.com/) payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Epay

OSB Epay

This plugin allows you to use Epay (http://www.epay.dk/) payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB FirstData Payeezy

OSB FirstData Payeezy

This plugin allows you to use FirstData Payeezy payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Billplz

OSB Billplz

This plugin allows you to use Billplz (https://www.billplz.com) payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Saferpay

OSB Saferpay

This plugin allows you to use Saferpay payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Elavon

OSB Elavon

This plugin allows you to use Elavon CONVERGE payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Stripe Checkout

OSB Stripe Checkout

This plugin allows you to use Stripe Checkout (https://stripe.com/docs/payments/checkout) payment method (which is SAC compatible) for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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This plugin allows you to use PayU (https://payu.com) payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB PayU Latam

OSB PayU Latam

This plugin allows you to use PayU Latam (http://www.payulatam.com/) payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Offline Creditcard

OSB Offline Creditcard

This plugin allows you to collect creditcard information and process payment offline in Joom Donation extension.

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OSB Pagseguro

OSB Pagseguro

This plugin allows you to use Pagseguro (https://pagseguro.uol.com.br/) payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Ipay88

OSB Ipay88

This plugin allows you to use IPay88 (a Malaysia payment gateway) payment gateway for processing payment in Joom Donation extension.

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OSB Braintree

OSB Braintree

This plugin allows you to use Braintree payment gateway (https://www.braintreepayments.com) for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Sofort Überweisung

OSB Sofort Überweisung

This plugin allows you to use Sofort Überweisung (https://www.sofort.com/) payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Squareup Card

OSB Squareup Card

This plugin allows you to accept credit card payment using Squareup (https://squareup.com) payment gateway in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Cybersource

OSB Cybersource

This plugin allows you to use Cybersource (http://www.cybersource.com/) payment gateway for processing payment in EShop Shopping Cart extension.

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OSB Postfinance

OSB Postfinance

This payment plugin in allows you to accept payments via Postfinace payment gateway in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Quickpay (DK)

OSB Quickpay (DK)

This plugin allows you to use Quickpay DK (http://quickpay.net/dk/payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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OSB Payrexx

OSB Payrexx

This plugin allows you to use Payrexx (https://payrexx.com/) payment gateway for processing payment in OS Services Booking extension.

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