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11th May 2020 - New version 1.17.1

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2 weeks 4 days ago #134279 by Mr. Dam
11th May 2020 - New version 1.17.1 was created by Mr. Dam
The Edocman developer team are proud to announce the release of Edocman 1.17.1. This is a second release for the 1.17.x series of Edocman with big improvements.

Whats new in Edocman 1.17.1
1. Add option to allow user to add subcategories from Frontend side
Based on some using purposes, we introduce new feature to allow user to add Sub Categories for Edocman category pages. By this way, user - who have permission to add sub-categories - will able to click on button to add child categories of current parent category directly instead of having permission to manage all categories at frontend side. This is beneficial for large Documents systems. It is essential and important to decentralize the management of child categories to each main category.

Beside adding child categories, user will also able to edit/delete existing child categories directly.
To turn on option to add Sub Categories in Main category view, you should implement 2 steps
- In Edocman Configuration -> Tab: Themes, you should enable configure option: Show Add Sub-category button
- In each main Edocman category -> Permission, you should "Allow" permission to manage sub-categories for specific Joomla User group(s) at frontend side.

Note: When user add sub-category of specific main category, user won't able to select parent category anymore.

2. Improve "Categories management" permission (ACL)
From this version, when user is in group to be able to manage categories at frontend, he (she) will able to add/edit/delete categories without having different permissions to Create, Edit, Delete in Edocman system.

3. Auto-generate thumbnail pictures with Photo documents
In previous versions, if you want to have Document thumbnail picture, you must upload separate photo even when the document is Image . But from this version, when you add new document is a picture, the Thumbnail will be generated automatically based on that photo. And you won't need to upload different image for thumbnail anymore.

4. Fix some minor issues on Joomla4 alpha
From this version forward, we will always update Edocman's features and bugs on Joomla 4 versions. We will try to have a perfect Edocman version with Joomla 4 as soon as the complete Joomla 4 stable is released.

Thank you very much
J O O M D O N A T I O N Dev Team
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