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Os Property is a powerful real-estate component that is designed feature rich and user friendly. It's the best advertising for your properties, with modern layouts and technologies, 100% responsive. We believe OS Property is the best choice for Sale and Rent Properties Online


Created Date Nov 18, 2011
Joomla version Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.0
Support 12 months
Current Version 2.8.0
Last Updated Date Apr 15, 2015



Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x compatibility

OS Property can work well on both Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x.

Suitable for Real Estate Companies, Agencies or Onwers

  • Easy to manage Real Estate Companies, Agencies, Owners at back-end and register to become Real Estate Companies, Agencies or Owners at front-end.
  • Each of objects have unique features like add/edit properties, add/edit agents..etc. All of them are necessary for a Real Estate Website

Easy to Bulk Import/ Export properties

Currently, OS Property provides the flexible mechanism that allows you to import/ export properties in CSV and XML format.

Nice, Clean, Responsive Layouts

OS Property provides many nice and responsive layouts likes

  • Properties listing by Categories, Property types, States, Cities, Tags ..etc
  • Search functions
  • Companies/ Agents listing
  • Company/ Agent registration/ manage profile
  • Favorites/ Compare propeties
  • and much more..

With Themes and Layout overrides features, you have many choices in using, modifying or build your own layouts

Powerful Field groups & Custom field groups

You can create the field groups and custom field groups for your Real Estate system.Each custom field can belong to one or more Property types depend on your using solution. We also use Joomla ACL for Field groups and Custom field groups in OS Property.

Emails form management

OS Property has a lot email forms, and its outstanding features is you can modify those email forms by yourself. This feature makes your Real Estate become Unique.

Property levels

OS Property supports Standard and featured properties. Agents/ Owners can add Standard properties and pay to upgrade those properties to featured. If you integrate OS Property with Membership extension, you can defind subscription plans with number properties that agents/ owners can post after purchasing those subs.

Map Search

With location auto-suggestion, radius searching, and the results will be shown on Google Map, we believe you will feel interested when using this attractive feature.

SEF / SEO optimization

  • Intelligent Joomla core SEF router generate friendly urls without having to use any third party SEF extensions like Sh404sef.
  • You can set meta data (meta keywords, meta description) for each property.
  • Semantic HTML coding, follow http://www.schema.org standard that is official supported by Google, Bing and Yahoo. This way search engines will understand when the event will take place, where and what images and descriptions are related to the event. The semantic web will make your events and locations rank much higher in search engines.

Advanced search

Powerful search tool with all the custom fields. Registered user can save their search criteria for future visit. In near future, the email alert functionality will be added into OS Property, it allows you to auto-send the notification to customers when new properties are added.

OS Property also provides feature to send notification emails to customers when new properties uploaded


Google Map integration

  • Easier locations creation from back-end by drag the marker on the map. When you move the marker on the map, the address of property will be updated automatically.
  • Display property details, properties listing on Google Map and Street view.
  • Property get direction.

Support all needed information for Real Estate Website

Unlimited custom Property types, nested Categories/sub-categories, Amenities, Custom field groups and Custom fields with fully Multiple languages and Joomla ACL supported.


Location data

Can be used with all countries on the world. Available location data for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Brazil, India, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Turkey, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, New Zealand, Thailand, Nigeria, Ecuador, Indonesia, Jamaica, Maldives, Venezuela, Poland, Russia, Israel, Ireland, Croatia, Colombia, Chile, Switzerland, Czech, Guatemala, Morocco, Malaysia, Norway, Peru, Pakistan, Qatar, Philippines, Romania, Slovakia and Finland. Default location is United States


Multilingual Support

  • Allows you to create properties, categories, property types, custom fields, amenities...in different languages. So now, if you build a multilingual website, you won't have to worry about it anymore (forgot Joomfish, Falang..., they are not needed anymore).
  • Use built-in translation function, you can easily translate all the language strings used in the extension into different languages without having to edit language file directly.

Multiple modules and plugins

  • Random Properties: Allows you to list properties in verticle or horizontal align with many filter fields
  • Search Properties: Show the Advanced search form
  • Ajax Search: Properties Auto-suggestion search module with filter by Keyword, Categories, Property Types and Countries
  • Loan Calculator, Morgate, Tags Cloud
  • Listing propeties by States, Cities
  • Slideshow module
  • Content slider module
  • and much more modules that are built for OSP Templates

Other features

  • PDF export
  • Printing layout
  • Properties Comparision
  • Walk Score integration
  • Zillow estimate
  • Google Adsense plugin
  • Related Properties
  • Social sharing
  • Build in translation function
  • Comment and Rating
  • Request property information
  • Tell a friend (Property sharing)
  • Agent contact form
  • Neighborhoods (Nearly Super market, Cinema, Bus, Parking, Police, School, University..etc)
  • Multiple currencies
  • and much more..

Integrated with third party extension

  • Integrate with Joomcomments allows adding comment feature to properties.
  • Integrate with Membership pro allows you to add subscription plans for agents/ owners
  • Integrate with Sh404sef, Xmap, Falang, JomSocial..etc

OS Calendar integration

Availability Calendar feature for each property of your Rental system.


Joomla templates supported

6++ responsive Joomla templates have been implemented. They were designed to work with OS Property. We believe they are the best choice for you when you want to have completed Real Estate website with OS Property.

To read more about update, please click here

15th April 2015 - New version 2.8.0
===============   Add   ================
1. XML Import/ Export

==============   Bug Fixed ===============

1. SQL Injection on AJAX methods

10th March 2015 - New version 2.7.5
===============   Add   ================
1. Alert Email feature
2. More functionalities for company's admin
3. Default locator for Map search
4. Fractional Baths
5. Send copy version of "Request more details" to administrator
6. Amenity group categories
7. Add Field "Reply to" into "Request more details" email
8. More Configure options
==============   Improve  ===============
1. Configuration page
2. CSV Import
3. Default layout
4. Related properties layout
5. Locator search layout


8th January 2014 - New version 2.7.4
===============   Add   ================
1. Google Plus, Pinterest buttons
2. Layouts overrides
3. Drag upload pictures when modifying propety at front-end
4. Add parameters in layout "Agents listing"
5. Agents/ Owners can unfeatured their properties
==============   Improve  ===============
1. Theme 2
2. Property modification layout
3. Sweden location
==============   Bug Fixed ===============
1. Properties disappeared in Compare layout when changing languages (front-end)
2. Some other minor bugs fixed

15th September 2014 - New version 2.7.3
===============   Add   ================
1. Navigation plugin on Property details page
==============   Improve  ===============
1. Dashboard layout
2. Changing Textearea extra field to Texteditor field
3. Theme 1
==============   Bug fixed   ===============
1. Show Meta desc and Meta Keyword in layouts of OS Property
2. Some other bugs fixed

18th September 2014 - New version 2.7.2
===============   Add   ================
1. Multiple languages with States and Cities
2. Multiple languages with Tags
==============   Improve  ===============
1. Improve Default theme (Grid view and Property Details view)
2. Security issues fixed
3. Translation tool
==============   Bug fixed   ===============
1. Bugs at Filter Form of properties list pages
2. Favorites properties

10th August 2014 - New version 2.7.1
============    Add   =============
1. Add relation between one property and more than one categories
2. Change field Bathroom from Integer to Decimal
3. Add Lot size field
4. Add ordering for Property types
5. Update/Add new features to modules: Random properties, Search, Slideshow

16th July 2014  - New version 2.6.6

============    Add   =============
1. Disable State dropdown select list when OS Property has only one published state
2. Add Sold status option
3. Add Property history and tax
4. Ability to assign custom fields for property types
5. Add Open time for inspector
6. Ordering for Amenity Options
============   Improve  =============
1. OS Property's themes
============ Bug fixed ==============
#1. JQuery conflict between Map view of default theme and Search module
#2. CSV import with non-UTF8 characters
#3. Issue when searching "keyword" in Translation tool at Back-end
#4. Cities list, States list, Custom fields list - at Back-end
#5. Google Map doesn't show in SSL mode (https://)

11th June 2014 - New version 2.6.5
============    Add   =============
Configure option to show states and cities that have available properties at the search form
============ Improve =============
All OS Property's themes
Sef urls with layout: Property listing layout
============ Bug fixed =============
OS Calendar integration

17th March 2014 - New version 2.6.2
============ Improve =============
1. Improve OS Calendar integration
2. Property details slideshow (theme1, theme2, blue, theme_black)
3. Map layout (in theme default)
4. Currency symbol position configuration
5. Add new location data for Morroco and New Zealand

20th January 3014 - New version 2.6.1
============= Add ===============
1. Tag system - Allow administrator or Agent/ Owner to setup the tags for properties
2. Assign company admin or Agent / Owner to specific Joomla user group.
3. Square feet or Square meter configuration
============ Improve =============
1. Report system

1 st January 2014 - New version 2.6
============= Add ===============
1 Owner object
2 Report property, agent and company

============ Improve =============
1 Watermark feature
2 OS Membership pro integration
3 Extra fields
4. Advanced search/ Search module function

=========== Bugs fixed ============
1 Xss security fixed
2 Multiple languages synchronous issue

Technical Specifications

The minimum requirements to run OS Property are:

  • Joomla! 2.5 or 3.x
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x

You must ensure that you have MySQL, XML and zlib functionality enabled within your PHP installation. Also please make sure that you have enabled the GD and FreeType libraries in order for CAPTCHA to work. fsockopen is also required for reCaptcha plugins.

We recommend:

  • Joomla! 2.5 or 3.x
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x

Modules & Plugins and Language supported

Type Name Features
  Search This module shows the search form at the fron-end of your Property system. It has lot flexible configure parameters so you have many choices in making your search modules at front-end of your real estate website.
When you submit this search module, the system will redirect you to Advanced search page of OS Property component
  Ajax search This module shows the auto suggestion ajax dropdown search. When you type the keyword into the search input box, the system will search and return the properties in the dropdown list bellow the search box.
Modules Random properties This module shows properties at the front-end of your Website. It has a lot of configure parameters, so you can make many kind of this module versions with different properties lists. Some of importants parameters of this modules are filter properties by property types, categories, featured properties, state ID v.v.
  Category list This module lists all published categories in your Property system
  Availability Calendar This module can be used when you integrate OS Property with OS Calendar. It shows the form with Check-in and Check-out input boxes that allow customers to search the available properties in one time range
  Mortgate This module the morgate form
  Loan calculator This module the Loan Calculator
  Tag clouds This module show list of important keywords of properties in your system. When we click on the keyword, it will show the list of properties that contain that keyword in data.
  Cron job System plugin This plugin is used to send the notification emails or close(unapproval) the expired properties. You can install it from Joomla Extension installation form
  Membership plugin This plugin must be installed when you integrate OS Property with OS Membership. It has the functions to check permission of agents in your Property system.
Plugins Sh404 sef This is the Sh404sef plugin for OS Property. When you install this plugin, SH404sef will create the SEF urls for OS Property component. To install this plugin, you only need to copy zip file to Joomla root folder and extract it by using explorer component, plugin will be saved to corresponding directories.
  Xmap plugin This is the Xmap plugin for OS Property. When you install this plugin, XML will create the XML file will urls of OS Property component. To install this plugin, you only need to copy zip file to Joomla root folder and extract it by using explorer component, plugin will be saved to corresponding directories.
  JomSocial Agent plugin This is the JomSocial plugin for OS Property. When you install this plugin, the system will show all properties of agents in their JomSocial profile page.
  Navigation plugin When you install this plugin, from Advanced search result, user click on Property Details page, they will see Navigation links to Next and Previous properties.
Language packages  
English (Default)
Italian (Italiano)
French (Français)
Spanish (Español)
Portuguese (Português)
Russian (???????)
German (Deutsch)

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