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EDocman is an Electronic document management system / files downloads system /download manager extension for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. Building on top of access controll system (ACL) of Joomla, It gives you a very powerful, flexible permission system which you can use to control who can view, download, manage (edit, delete, publish, unpublish) your documents from both front-end and back-end of your site.

Created Date Sep 06, 2010
Joomla version Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.0
Support 12 months
Current Version 1.7.0
Last Updated Date Jul 22, 2015
Nested Categories

Nested Categories

EDocman allows you to organize your documents cross infinite categories and subcategories

  • Unlimited categories.
  • Unlimited category levels.
  • One document can be assigned to different categories.
  • Each category can have it own thumbnail.
Hierarchical folder structure

Hierarchical folder structure.

Unlike other files download extension using just one folder to store all files, EDocman allows you to put your files in a hierarchical folder structure (the folder structure is based on the categories structure which you setup - each category will have it's own folder to store files as state above).


Multilingual Support

If your site is multilingual, when you create categories, documents, you can assign them to a language. And when users browse categories, documents from front-end, only categories and documents assigned to that language (or all languages) will be displayed. Also, you can translate all language string (both back-end and front-end) to different languages. Multilingual feature in EDocman works exactly with Joomla core Multilingual.

Documents Management

Documents Management

EDocman allows you to create documents and then your site users (public or registered users) can browse and download these documents from front-end

  • Each document can be assigned to one or different categories.
  • You can control who can view Documents via access property of the document (Public, Registered, Special... and any custom access levels in your system).
  • You can control who can view Downloads, Edit, Delete, Publish, Unpublish the document via Permissions settings (Joomla ACL).
  • You can assign document to one (or several users) and only the selected users will be able to view and download that document.
  • Each document will be associated with one file. This file can be uploaded on create document form or choose from list of available files on your server or even from a remote server.
Advanced Permissions

Advanced, powerful and flexible permission system

EDocman supports the Joomla permission system. You can define add, edit, delete, upload and download permissions for categories and documents.

Permission Inheritance

Permission Inheritance

In EDocman (and Joomla), permissions will be inherited, so you do not need to set access permissions for each document and/or category which makes managing your permissions a lot easier and faster

  • Permission can be setup in Component Level, Category Level or Document Level.
  • Permission of the component will be inherited from Site permission setting.
  • Permission of the category will be inherited from the component permission setting.
  • Permission of the child-category will be inherited from it's parent category permission setting.
  • Permission of the document will be inherited from the main category which it is assigned to.
Responsive Layouts

Nice, Clean, Responsive Layouts

EDocman has a nice, clean, attractive theme with different layouts to display documents, categories in your system

  • Categories page to display list of categories (and sub-categories).
  • Category page to display list of documents of a category. Different layouts available: Default (list) layout, Columns (Grid) layout and Table Layout
  • An optional layout switcher allows you to change the layout quickly from Grid to List and vice-verca.
  • Document detail page to display information of document.
  • Support both twitter bootstrap 2 and twitter bootstrap 3.
Emails notification

Emails Notification System

  • Notification Emails sent to administrator when someone upload document from front-end.
  • Notification Emails sent to administrator when someone download document from front-end.
  • Notification Emails sent to users when someone assign a document to him.
SEF / SEO optimization

SEF / SEO optimization

  • Intelligent Joomla core SEF router generate friendly urls without having to use any third party SEF extensions.
  • You can set meta data (meta keywords, meta description) for each category and document.
Download Logs

Download Logs

Allowing you to see who downloaded your documents, user's IP, user's web browser, download date.

Bulk Import

Bulk Import

Allow import all files from a folder/directory into EDocman within one click.

Modules and Plugins

Modules and Plugins

  • Modules to display Latest Documents, Most Popular Documents and Top Downloads document.
  • Search plugin which allows users to search for your documents via Joomla standard search.
  • Indexer plugin allows indexing content of PDF documents and make it searchable.
  • Documents Linking editor plugin provide an quick and easy way to link to a document from an article.
  • Edocman Documents Category plugin allows display all documents of a category in a Joomla article.

Integrated with third party extension

  • SH404 plugin
  • JComments integration : EDocman is integrated with JComments allows your site users to post comments in document detail page.
Other features

Other features

  • RSS integration
  • Build in translation function allows you to change/translate any language items from back-end of your site without having to edit the language file directly

Lavida Joomla Template

Lavida Joomla Template - Jun 22, 2015

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