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11th September 2018 - New version 3.14.2

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5 years 2 months ago #117269 by Mr. Dam
The Joomla! OS Property developer team are proud to announce the release of OS Property 3.14.2. This is a third release for the 3.14.x series of OS Property with new big improvements and addresses issues introduced in previous versions.

What new in OS Property 3.14.2
1. Improve Membership Pro integration feature

From this version, when you integrate Membership Pro with OS Property, in User profile, OS Property will show all subscriptions that user already subscribed.

2. Add Google reCaptcha in Request More Details form
In previous versions, OS Property only provide one Human validation with forms in property details form, but from version 3.14.2, you will able to select to use Google reCaptcha in Request More Details form

Other improvement, you can select to turn on/off Captcha in Request More Details and Tell a Friend forms. You are also can turn on option to pass Security step with logged users

3. Improve Currency Convert feature
This feature uses Google Currency API to get the rate between different currencies. Sometimes, Google blocks the requests from hosting IP, so OS Property will not able to retrieve the current exchange rate. From this version, we use Joomla session variable to store the exchange rates between currencies to reduce number requests to Google Currency API. By this way, even Google blocks your hosting IP, we are still have the currency exchange rates.

4. Improve Random Properties module
Remove rotate style when hover above pictures and correct css of labels: Property type, Market status or Featured.

5. Improve Themes Default and Theme3
We rearranged the display of property information in theme Default and Fix the issue with layout of Theme 3 - Property details page

6. Issues fixed
  • Cron task issue
  • Route issue
  • Other minor issues

Dev team

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