EShop Fashion Theme

EShop Fashion Theme

EShop Fashion Theme is a clean and responsive theme for EShop, it is designed for the fashion shop that carry various type of products as veston, dresses, shoes, glasses, etc.

Simply go to EShop to install and active the theme, then you will have a clean, nice and responsive theme to display EShop categories, products, shopping cart and checkout on the front-end side.

Created Date Mar 26, 2014
Joomla version Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.0
Support 12 months
Current Version 1.0.0
Last Updated Date Mar 26, 2014
Responsive slides show module

Responsive slides show module

Fashion theme give you a responsive slides show module. You can choose an images folder to use for slides.

  • Responsive and smooth effect.
  • Unlimited slides support.
  • The ability to show module on any pages
  • The ability to make copies of module to show on different pages
Dropdown menu and nice modules

Dropdown menu and nice modules

Fashion theme give you a beautiful dropdown main menu and some standard EShop modules.

  • Top menu.
  • Dropdown main menu with multiple levels.
  • Custom HTML logo module.
  • Multiple currencies module.
  • Products ajax search module.
  • Mini cart module.
  • Login/create an account module.
Products List Layout

Products List Layout

This layout to display list of products in a specific category or a specific manufacturer or on the front page.

  • Information (name, image, description) of category/manufacturer are display on top part.
  • Grid/List view: Nice, smooth and easy to alternative between views.
  • Sort options.
  • Standard pagination.
  • Display product image.
  • Display product name.
  • Display product price.
  • Display Add to cart, Add to compare, Add to wishlist buttons when hoving on the product image with very smooth effect.
  • The ability to go to details page of each product.
Product Details Layout

Product Details Layout

This layout to display details information of a specific product.

  • Display product name.
  • Display product main image and product additional images, popout to view real large images.
  • View images in the popout window or zoom.
  • Display product SKU.
  • Display product rating, number review.
  • Display social share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn)
  • Display manufacturer name.
  • Display product options (Select list, Radio list, Checkbox list, File, Text, Textarea, Date, Datetime).
  • Display product price and Add to cart button.
  • Display Add to wishlist, Add to compare and Add question buttons.
  • Description tab to display product description.
  • Specification tab to display product attribute groups, product attributes.
  • Reviews tab to display reviews for product, display review form to allow user to submit review, display Facebook comment.
  • Additional tabs to display more information for each product.
  • Display related products at the bottom
  • Meta tag and Meta description is added to the page
Shopping Cart Layout

Shopping Cart Layout

This layout to display shopping cart page.

  • Display products that users added to the cart
  • Display product image
  • Display product name
  • Display product SKU
  • Display quantity
  • User can update quantity or remove product to the cart
  • Display unit price
  • Display total price
  • Display project options
  • Display Sub-total, Tax, Shipping, Coupon and Total
  • Display Coupon form to allow user apply a coupon to the cart
  • Display Estimate Shipping & Taxes form
Checkout Layout

Checkout Layout

This layout to display EShop one page checkout page. Moving between steps is very smooth and easy. After passing steps, user can go back to any previous steps to edit their information.

  • Display totally of 6 steps for checkout.
  • Step 1: Checkout Options (Register account, Guest checkout, Login account).
  • Step 2: Account & Billing Details.
  • Step 3: Delivery Details.
  • Step 4: Delivery Method.
  • Step 5: Payment Method.
  • Step 6: Confirm Order.
Products Comparision Layout

Product Comparision Layout

This layout to display products for comparison.

  • Display maximum of 4 products to compare, each product in a column.
  • Display product name.
  • Display product image.
  • Compare price.
  • Compare model.
  • Compare manufacturer.
  • Compare availability.
  • Compare rating, review.
  • Compare short description.
  • Compare long description.
  • Compare weight.
  • Compare length, width, height.
  • Compare attributes.
  • Display Add to cart button.
  • Allow remove products from comparison page.

After purchasing EShop Fashion Theme, you will receieve Login to back-end of your site, go to Components->EShop->Plugins->Themes, then choose to install:

Install EShop Fashion Theme

After installing, let's enable Fashion theme. Then go to System->Configuration->Layout tab and choose Fashion as theme instead of Default theme:

Enable Fashion Theme

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