CSV Advanced

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CSV Advanced is a power, flexible and friendly extension to import data for Virtuemart from CSV files.

By using CSV Advanced, you will be able to import any data (products, categories, images, customers, orders, etc.) from CSV files into Virtuemart easily. Simply install, create the template and prepare CSV files, CSV Advanced will do the rest, it will save much of your time!

The extension is designed to be compatible with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and Virtuemart 2.x.

Created Date Apr 07, 2012
Joomla version Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.0
Support 12 months
Current Version 1.5.6
Last Updated Date Feb 23, 2013

Multiple Import Types

CSV Advanced support totally of 13 import types to import almost the data types into Virtuemart.

  • Calculation Rule Import
  • Category Import
  • Coupon Import
  • Custom Field Import
  • Manufacturer Category Import
  • Manufacturer Import
  • Media Import
  • Order Import
  • Order Item Import
  • Product Import
  • Rating Import
  • User Info Import
  • Waiting List Import

Power and Flexible

CSV Advanced support configuration values to make it power and flexible.

  • Auto detect delimiter
  • Field Delimiter
  • Text Enclosure
  • Use headers as configuration or not
  • Skip first line or not
  • Overwrite existing data or not
  • Ignore non-existing items or not
  • Skip default value or not
  • Category separator
  • Category child separator
  • Custom fields separator

Multiple languages and other

  • CSV Advanced support multiple languages import. As you may knew, Virtuemart 2.x supports multiple languages to store information. So CSV Advanced allows you to import data to corresponding language table in database. It means that if you have data in some different languages then you will be able to import all of them into Virtuemart easily.
  • CSV Advanced supports totally of 340 information fields corresponding to 29 tables of Virtuemart. By intelligent fields management mechanism, you can Add/Remove fields to/from corresponding template easily and fast.
  • CSV Advanced will do amazing import and save much of your time.

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